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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lights in the units?

If you’d like a light in your parking space, you will have to bring your own in. You can plug in your light and/or pulse battery charger in your unit.


Should I bring my own lock?

Yes, we recommend that you do. When you bring your own lock, you ensure that no one else – not even our team – has access to it.


What kind of lock should I bring?

We recommend that you use a disc lock or some kind of lock with hardened, tempered steel clasps.


What do I do with my unit when I move out?

We ask that you leave the door closed and locked at all times. Please refrain from leaving your unit open so that we can keep our units clean and protected.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. All of our contracts operate on a month-to-month business. Customers tend to shy away from the idea of signing up for a year of storage, which is why we allow you the freedom that comes with month-to-month renting.


Who can I talk to during move-in?

Our local manager is happy to impart packing wisdom and answer any questions you have about your storage unit. He lives five minutes away from the facility, ensuring quick response when you need assistance.


How can I pay my bill?

We accept credit cards and we feature online bill payment options. We are no longer accepting cash.


Is my online payment secure?

Absolutely. One of the most well-known self storage processors runs our payments. You can rest assured that your rent will be paid securely.


What happens if I pay late?

If you fail to pay your bill on time, late fees will begin to accrue. Please let us know if you can’t pay your bill on time so that we can work together to find a solution.


Can I set up automatic payment?

You sure can! Let our manager know that you’re interested in this feature and we’ll get you all squared away.


Can I store more than one thing in my unit?

If you can fit more than one thing in your unit, you’re absolutely welcome to do so.


Can I store my household belongings with you?

No, you cannot. These storage units aren’t meant for household goods. You can, however, store cars, trailers, campers, boats, equipment, and anything that you can maneuver on wheels.


Do you provide tenant insurance?

No, we do not. You absolutely must provide your own insurance since we take no responsibility for your belongings.


How much notice should I give before moving out?

If you let us know 30 days prior to moving out, we can cancel your account in time so that you aren’t charged for an additional month. If you give less than 30 days’ notice, you will likely be billed for the next month as well.


Do I have to pay a deposit to rent with you?

No, you do not. We do have a $25 non-refundable administration fee when you sign your contract.


Can I pay my rent in advance?

Of course!


Do you know if you’ll have openings next year?

Because our professional management and marketing is really taking off, we cannot guarantee availability next year. In fact, our occupancy is starting to hit capacity year-round. You’re always welcome to check our website when you’re interested in renting. We’d love to serve you!


Was this property previously called Fish Scalers Boat Barns?

Yes, it was. Don’t confuse their management style with ours; we’re proud to provide the best customer service in the area.


Do you have a boat washing station?

We do, and you’re welcome to use it.


Is there a charge for using the boat wash?

No, there is not. So long as people continue to be courteous and conservative, the water will always be free.


Can I come by the facility late at night or early in the morning?

Yes, you’re welcome to. We provide 24-hour access, so you can come any time you’d like! The property is well lit. You’ll feel safe when you visit – no matter when that may be.


Are you going to put up a fence with a gate?

No. There was a time when we were considering it, but almost every single one of our tenants hated the idea. Without a fence, our customers enjoy a huge amount of room for turning around their boats. We work to provide a safe environment in a number of other ways, so you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.


Will people see my boat from the road?

No, they will not. In fact, no boats can be seen from outside the building.


Are your units safe for my boat?
Yes. Our floors are made of crushed shell to protect your tires, and we utilize ample ventilation to keep your boat dry and free of mildew.


When is your office open?

Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Feel free to stop by and speak with one of our helpful team members during this time. You can view our address on our contact page!